Gorman di Wulf, Rogue Alchemist

Although my first try at painting a light source, I was rather pleased with how Gorman turned out. All of his garments were painted in various browns to create a dull, utilitarian look. This was meant to contrast the glowing vials hanging from his waist. I think the end result really highlights the vials. The Read more about Gorman di Wulf, Rogue Alchemist[…]

Krueger the Stormwrath

Krueger was one of three models I painted up to give out as Christmas presents in 2006 to a couple fellow gamers. The recipient already had Baldur and Kaya, so there really wasn’t an option as to which warlock he would want. His army is painted in an autumnal color scheme with lots of oranges Read more about Krueger the Stormwrath[…]

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios

Eiryss, dubbed the Soulless Elven Hooker by those in the know, was originally purchased to use as a character when I started re-running Privateer Press’s Witchfire Trilogy again. Eventually as we started playing Warmachine she transitioned to a wargaming piece. I had always wanted to have this miniture leaping off of something when I based Read more about Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios[…]

Temple Flameguard

I painted the Temple Flameguard up during a business trip in 2006, back when taking fluids on an airplane wasn’t restricted.  They were done with what is at this point my standard Menite process. They flew home with me just a little short of complete but I finished the shields and spears and attached them Read more about Temple Flameguard[…]

Choir of Menoth

With the exception of the Mangled Metal format (which doesn’t allow infantry, just jacks), I don’t think I’ve ever fielded an army without the choir. They’re just too good and too utilitarian for their points not to. So since they hit the table so often, they definitely needed to get painted. I started of with Read more about Choir of Menoth[…]

Knight Exemplar Seneschal

I wasn’t a big fan of the stock pose of the Knight Exemplar Seneschal figure. Extraneous back banners aside, there was just something about how it held its swords that didn’t work for me. So that meant breaking out the jeweler’s saw and some putty and making some changes. The first and most obvious change Read more about Knight Exemplar Seneschal[…]


Compared to the rest of the Warmachine warjack, the stock Devout pose is actually pretty dynamic. Unfortunately the Running Man thing doesn’t do anything for me so I decided early on to convert this miniature into a more static pose. Since I had a pretty large backlog on my painting desk I decided for the Read more about Devout[…]