Paladins of the Order of the Wall

The Paladin of the Order of the Wall was too interesting a sculpt to pass up, even if it’s not quite as useful in-game as some of my other options. It was fun to paint up and looks great on the table. It’s also recently been used as a battle-chaplain of Morrow in the Witchfire Read more about Paladins of the Order of the Wall[…]

Holy Zealots

As one of the most annoying unit to face in Warmachine, Zealots have a special place in my heart. These little grenade-chuckers are just so useful. I painted these guys up right after my battlebox and show a lot of experimentation with the color scheme I assigned to my army. They’re painted to a nice Read more about Holy Zealots[…]

Stonechild (Conversion)

I typically prefer working with pewter miniatures over plastic ones, but for my first attempt at a fairly extensive conversion the plastic WotC uses on their D&D Miniatures was a good start. I actually picked up a couple of Stonechild miniatures just for conversions for Earthdawn obsidimen. The pose isn’t as interesting as the Chainmail Read more about Stonechild (Conversion)[…]

Human Death Cleric

This miniature is a converted Human Death Cleric from the old Wizards of the Coast Chainmail line. The original miniature (shown in the last image below) carried a heavy scythe which I replaced with a sword and shield. The shield was graciously donated by a Human Shadow Priest from the same line and army as Read more about Human Death Cleric[…]

Ardynn D’Narg, Elven Fighter Mage

Ardynn is yet another miniature inspired by a character in my Earthdawn campaign- this time an NPC Warrior/Nethermancer.  I wanted to stay away from the stereotypical “necromancer black” though so decided to use a few different blues as the miniature’s primary color.   It was hard coming up with a color scheme that said leaned Read more about Ardynn D’Narg, Elven Fighter Mage[…]

Tariq, Dune Ranger Sergeant

Tariq was a fun and relatively simple miniature to paint.  Typically I pick miniatures to paint based on need for various table top games, but Tariq is one of the few figures that I purchased and painted simply because I wanted to paint it.  Despite being one of my older pieces, it stands up pretty Read more about Tariq, Dune Ranger Sergeant[…]

Boris, Evil Fighter

Actually deciding what colors to paint on a miniature is usually very difficult for me. I’m a more technically minded person, and grasp the application of colors and shading much faster than actually deciding what colors go together well. However when I saw Boris in the blister at my local store, I immediately knew exactly Read more about Boris, Evil Fighter[…]