Ral Partha High Elf

This is one of the miniatures from the Ral Partha High Elf Irregular blister I picked up in a bargain bin at my local gaming ship. It’s one of the apparently few miniatures that I didn’t either paint up for a miniature game or forĀ specificĀ use in a role-playing game – I just really liked the Read more about Ral Partha High Elf[…]

Ral Partha Priest

Way back before I started paitning miniatures seriously I picked up a couple of Ral Parhta’s character progression figure packs as a cheap way to pad my collection for RPG use. Each pack had three models with a similar feel to them but at various stages of progression. This model came from the cleric pack, Read more about Ral Partha Priest[…]

Troll Sky Raider

The Troll Sky Raider is one of my favorite miniatures from the old Heartbreaker Hobbies Earthdawn line. Not because of some exceptional quality of sculpt.  To be frank, it’s lacking in a number of aspects.  But in my mind sky raiders are one of the iconic visuals of the Earthdawn setting.         The living Read more about Troll Sky Raider[…]

Mordheim Mercenary Sprue Archer

This miniature was assembled from various pieces of the Games Workshop Mordheim Mercenary plastic sprue. The face seems to have turned out well but the miniature is hardly perfect. It’s difficult to see the black picking on the fletching from this angle, but it’s there. The leather vest is obscured by shadows caused by my Read more about Mordheim Mercenary Sprue Archer[…]

Dwarven Hammer Priest

This is another of Chainmail’s two-dimensional sculpts – the Hammer Priest was a member of the Mordenguard faction. I picked this one up cheap from the local shop after the game went under since I didn’t have many dwarves to use in rpgs. Eventually a player requested it for their character, so it made its Read more about Dwarven Hammer Priest[…]

Gray Elf Wizard

The Gray Elf War Wizard was a miniature from the Ravilla faction of the Wizards of the Coast’s now-defunct Chainmail miniature game. Like many of the Chainmail figs, the Gray Elf War Wizard was very two-dimensional and lacked any real depth but were reasonably priced… especially once the line was cancelled and the blisters were Read more about Gray Elf Wizard[…]

Alaine, Female Paladin

My wife picked this miniature out to represent her Earthdawn character – a Dinganni Warrior. The Dinganni are a darker skinned people, so the skintone on this one is a little darker than what I usually do.       The miniature was mostly metallics, so wasn’t too hard to complete. The sword was an Read more about Alaine, Female Paladin[…]


I started this Revenger soon after the Repenter was completed. I decided to switch up the color scheme across the upper body of the miniature for a bit of variety, and it turned out fairly well. Taking what I had learned from the Repenter, I decided on a more subtle highlighting on the ‘hood’ and Read more about Revenger[…]