Ral Partha High Elf Irregular Conversion

“Mira” was as originally a Ral Partha elf that came in a blister with four others labeled as High Elf Irregular Officers. I had purchased the blister specifically for one of the other miniatures in it, but my wife picked this one out to serve as the base for her first RPG character.   I Read more about Ral Partha High Elf Irregular Conversion[…]

High Elf Hero

This miniature is an out-of-print Games Workshop High Elf Hero that has had it’s headpiece trimmed down to look less phallic. I had originally purchased it for a specific conversion, but never had the time to start it. Instead a player picked this miniature out to use for his Children of the Sun character, so Read more about High Elf Hero[…]

Half Elf Sorcerer

This miniature is the Half-Elf Sorcerer from the Talos faction in Wizards of the Coast’s now defunct Chainmail game. They put out a plastic re-sculpt for their D&D Miniatures which looks similar, but this is one of the original metal versions. This miniature was originally painted to be used as a Zheol-Jhe in Misguided Games’ Read more about Half Elf Sorcerer[…]


This miniature is a Chainmail miniature – WotC’s metal predecessor to D&D Miniatures. The line as a whole contained mostly two-dimensional sculpts with no depth, but the Stonechild makes an excellent obsidiman for Earthdawn. It’s even scaled a bit taller than most 25mm figures which is perfect, but it’s also nearly impossible to find at Read more about Stonechild[…]

Inquisitor of Malvernis

The Inquisitor of Malvernis was originally purchased to be my healer character in a RPG campaign almost a decade ago. Given the rather malicious appearance of the miniature, I had to do some work to make it appear softer and less malevolent. The biggest issue was the face – this miniature actually has a smooth, Read more about Inquisitor of Malvernis[…]

Griffin Inquisitor

I picked up a number of Confrontation miniatures back in the early 2000’s when I was beginning to get into miniature painting. I loved the sculpts but new my paint jobs wouldn’t do them justice at the time.  The Griffin Inquisitor was the first one I tried painting once I built up enough confidence to Read more about Griffin Inquisitor[…]

Dark Elf Corsair Conversion

My converted Dark Elf Corsair was my second attempt at NMM, which I quickly learned photographs better than it looks in person in my mind. He was painted up to serve as my warband leader, and served quite well in the role.  The ninja elf earned himself a reputation on the table.  Maybe my painted Read more about Dark Elf Corsair Conversion[…]