Alaine, Female Paladin

My wife picked this miniature out to represent her Earthdawn character – a Dinganni Warrior. The Dinganni are a darker skinned people, so the skintone on this one is a little darker than what I usually do.       The miniature was mostly metallics, so wasn’t too hard to complete. The sword was an Read more about Alaine, Female Paladin[…]

Elquin The Daring

Elquin was chosen to represent an elven Earthdawn character, and with that character came a few color-related challenges. Elves of that world typically follow a philosophy called the Wheel of Life, where each of the five stages is represented by a different outlook on life and different color schemes of dress. Talon followed the path Read more about Elquin The Daring[…]

Tariq, Dune Ranger Sergeant

Tariq was a fun and relatively simple miniature to paint.  Typically I pick miniatures to paint based on need for various table top games, but Tariq is one of the few figures that I purchased and painted simply because I wanted to paint it.  Despite being one of my older pieces, it stands up pretty Read more about Tariq, Dune Ranger Sergeant[…]

Boris, Evil Fighter

Actually deciding what colors to paint on a miniature is usually very difficult for me. I’m a more technically minded person, and grasp the application of colors and shading much faster than actually deciding what colors go together well. However when I saw Boris in the blister at my local store, I immediately knew exactly Read more about Boris, Evil Fighter[…]

Amiryth Elmlighter

I had wanted to try to paint a female elven archer up as a Night Elf from Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III for a while. It took some searching to find one that I felt I could work with-one with enough exposed skin to practice a non-standard flesh tone. When I saw the green for this miniature on Read more about Amiryth Elmlighter[…]

Lurg, Half-Orc Assassin

The Earthdawn RPG has races and classes that are somewhat non-standard by traditional means. One of the characters in the game I ran, Tridae, was a Beastmaster. In Earthdawn Beastmasters typically learn to shape their hands into claws. Since we really only use miniatures in battle scenes, finding something that looked as close as possible Read more about Lurg, Half-Orc Assassin[…]

Inquisitor of Malvernis

The Inquisitor of Malvernis was originally purchased to be my healer character in a RPG campaign almost a decade ago. Given the rather malicious appearance of the miniature, I had to do some work to make it appear softer and less malevolent. The biggest issue was the face – this miniature actually has a smooth, Read more about Inquisitor of Malvernis[…]