Hierarch Severius

Much like the Harbinger of Menoth, I wasn’t a big fan of the extra people on the stock version of this model’s base. The Hierarch standing on the backs of a couple zealots might be fluffy, but it’s not what I wanted to put on the table. Instead I decided to model my conversion after Read more about Hierarch Severius[…]

Feora, Protector of Flame

I did some further experimentation with the Reaper Master Series Dusky Grape color that I picked up to use on Severius and realized it was just too much of a cool tone to match my color scheme. After another trip to one of the local gaming stores I picked up Burgundy Wine to try out. Read more about Feora, Protector of Flame[…]

Grand Exemplar Kreoss

As impressive as the concept art for Epic Kreoss is in the Apotheosis rulebook, his miniature is only so-so. Instead of being the giant, imposing symbolic bastion of the Menite faith, he looks like a squat child wearing his father’s armor.     And other than painting his cloak in Reaper Master Series this miniature was Read more about Grand Exemplar Kreoss[…]

Feora, Priestess of Flame

Feora was the second warcaster model I painted after Kreoss and I think a bit of a step backwards for me. Maybe I was rushing too quickly or maybe it was just all of the mechanics (which I seem to struggle with) but compared to most of my other work Feora unfortunately just doesn’t quite match up. Read more about Feora, Priestess of Flame[…]

Idrian Skirmishers

I’m very happy with how my Idrians turned out. I knew they were going to go into my Hardcore list for DieCon 8 (in 2009) so I really wanted them to look good. Unlike most of the Protectorate models, these had a lot of bare flesh to paint up and that’s always a challenge for me. Read more about Idrian Skirmishers[…]

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

Vilmon was a fun sculpt to paint, but I had to keep his arms separate until after painting was complete or I wouldn’t have been able to get to this face and upper chest.  More than anything else though I was pretty happy with his base.       I had envisioned Vilmon’s base it Read more about High Paladin Dartan Vilmon[…]

Paladins of the Order of the Wall

The Paladin of the Order of the Wall was too interesting a sculpt to pass up, even if it’s not quite as useful in-game as some of my other options. It was fun to paint up and looks great on the table. It’s also recently been used as a battle-chaplain of Morrow in the Witchfire Read more about Paladins of the Order of the Wall[…]

Holy Zealots

As one of the most annoying unit to face in Warmachine, Zealots have a special place in my heart. These little grenade-chuckers are just so useful. I painted these guys up right after my battlebox and show a lot of experimentation with the color scheme I assigned to my army. They’re painted to a nice Read more about Holy Zealots[…]