Strach, Overlord Hero

Comparing Strach here to the original sculpt I made a few minor changes.  The original sword was damaged pretty much beyond repair, and my attempts at straightening it weakened the blade to the point I decided to replace it completely. I also did a few quick alterations to his right arm, replacing the spell effect Read more about Strach, Overlord Hero[…]

Lord Jester, Mercenary

I was particularly happy with how Lord Jester turned out.  Faces are always hard and this is one of my better products.  Likewise the bright teal jacket turned out to pop sufficiently.  The end result is one of my favorite recent pieces. The base is mostly my usual dirt and grass combo but I found Read more about Lord Jester, Mercenary[…]

Black Legionnaire

The Black Legionnaire is actually a repaint.  It was originally one of my first paint jobs and while functional I wanted another shot at the sculpt.  After a Pinesol soak and scrubbing I forced myself out of my muted-color-safe-zone. I went with the vibrant – stark red and white – and tried to make sure Read more about Black Legionnaire[…]

Deladrin, Female Assassin

I’ve shown Deladrin a while back in a previous post but never got around to posting the finished version.  Only about four years later, no biggie right? Deladrin was started to test out a few techniques – primarily two brush blending on her cloak.  Once I had finished that she became a side piece that I Read more about Deladrin, Female Assassin[…]

Anastasia di Bray

Sometimes I think I go too far with muted color schemes.  I always prefer them for something like Anastasia here instead of painting the spy in bright and garish colors but it doesn’t translate to the table top nearly well. The sculpt wasn’t my favorite by far and I probably wouldn’t have painted Anastasia if I Read more about Anastasia di Bray[…]

Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage

Leisynn probably lived on my painting desk in various stages of completion for close to a couple of years.  I started and stopped him a number of times as I picked up other projects until I decided to finally buckle down and finish him up. Although it didn’t photograph well I was pretty happy with Leisynn’s Read more about Leisynn, Mercenaries Mage[…]