Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist

The Snakestrike Duelist is an older D&D Chainmail figure I painted as a side project back in 2009 ago.  The sculpt itself is typical for the Chainmail line, relatively flat and almost 2D-ish compared with more intricately sculpted miniatures.  Done mostly speed-painting, the skin isn’t as smooth as I’d like but is a solid tabletop Read more about Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist[…]

Human Death Cleric

This miniature is a converted Human Death Cleric from the old Wizards of the Coast Chainmail line. The original miniature (shown in the last image below) carried a heavy scythe which I replaced with a sword and shield. The shield was graciously donated by a Human Shadow Priest from the same line and army as Read more about Human Death Cleric[…]

Dwarven Hammer Priest

This is another of Chainmail’s two-dimensional sculpts – the Hammer Priest was a member of the Mordenguard faction. I picked this one up cheap from the local shop after the game went under since I didn’t have many dwarves to use in rpgs. Eventually a player requested it for their character, so it made its Read more about Dwarven Hammer Priest[…]

Half Elf Sorcerer

This miniature is the Half-Elf Sorcerer from the Talos faction in Wizards of the Coast’s now defunct Chainmail game. They put out a plastic re-sculpt for their D&D Miniatures which looks similar, but this is one of the original metal versions. This miniature was originally painted to be used as a Zheol-Jhe in Misguided Games’ Read more about Half Elf Sorcerer[…]

Gray Elf Wizard

The Gray Elf War Wizard was a miniature from the Ravilla faction of the Wizards of the Coast’s now-defunct Chainmail miniature game. Like many of the Chainmail figs, the Gray Elf War Wizard was very two-dimensional and lacked any real depth but were reasonably priced… especially once the line was cancelled and the blisters were Read more about Gray Elf Wizard[…]


This miniature is a Chainmail miniature – WotC’s metal predecessor to D&D Miniatures. The line as a whole contained mostly two-dimensional sculpts with no depth, but the Stonechild makes an excellent obsidiman for Earthdawn. It’s even scaled a bit taller than most 25mm figures which is perfect, but it’s also nearly impossible to find at Read more about Stonechild[…]

Gray Elf Dualist

There’s not a lot to say about this older model I painted what now seems like ages ago. He’s another one of the rather 2-dimensional Chainmail sculpts that lack much depth. I mostly drybrushed the black areas but the green sash on this figure was one of my first ever attempts at highlighting via layering. Read more about Gray Elf Dualist[…]