Borderlands: No Heaven

borderlandsFirst off, if the title of this article doesn’t make sense and you haven’t seen the original gameplay trailer for Borderlands, go check it out. The music is the song No Heaven by DJ Champion. It’s not the kind of music I usually listen to but the trailer had it stuck in my head forever.

Now then, it’s been a couple months since I mentioned looking forward to playing Borderlands, so I thought I should post a follow-up. I played the game pretty intensely for a while, running through two playthroughs on my first character, a Siren, once as a Soldier, and a little as the other two classes. Most of my gameplay was single player but I got in quite a few multiplayer sessions with a couple of my friends that were a blast.

From skag hunting to fighting off the denizens of the Eridian Promontory, the game as a whole was extremely fun. It wasn’t without its issues but unfortunately that seems to be standard for PC games nowadays. Regardless of some of the minor issues, I got more than my money’s worth on Pandora.


Anticipation: Borderlands

borderlands Due in no small part to the obsession of Ravious, our resident representative of Spugnation, I’ve started getting excited for the upcoming release of Borderlands on the PC next week.  The group of friends with whom I play online games typically enjoy both RPG and FPS style games, so this seems like it should be right up our alley.

Borderlands has been described as a FPS version of Diablo II, which is a fairly accurate description.  You are given a choice of one of four classes, each of which has three skill trees which you can choose from to customize your character to your liking.  Loot seems to be a big part of the game, and the constant variety keeps you engaged by ensuring there’s always the possibility of something better than what you have dropping from the next enemy.