Monsterpocalypse Revisited


It’s been a little over six months since I first tried out Privateer Press‘s  Monsterpocalypse collectible miniatures game at GenCon 08.  Although initial reactions showed potential I decided to hold off forming a definite opinion until I played the game more and got a better feel for it.  So now that I’ve had the chance to do so and have reevaluated the game I’ve determined that my opinion hasn’t changed much, and that really isn’t a good thing.


Monsterpocalypse – First Impressions

Privateer Press brought a sneak peak release of Monsterpocalypse starter boxes and boosters to GenCon this year and I decided to pick one up to see how the game played.  I’ve never been a fan of collectible games but Monsterpocalypse’s relatively lax rarity distribution seemed like it might not be too bad for casual play.  After a few games I’m not 100% sold but the game showed enough promise to be worth a critical review.


The Unforeseen Consequences of Rock

Well, since Luke and Chad have both already mentioned something about it (granted Luke’s was a previous jam session) I guess I should go ahead and throw down as well. Last night was the world debut of Unforeseen Consequences, who rocked out in Stockholm before touring around Europe for a few hours. Baby-faced front man Mic Stabbington provided the ear-splitting vocals. Saultydog laid down the rhythm and Fuente provided the bass grove while Nathan Implosio (damn you character limits!) kept time with his furious drumming of fury.

Unfortunately the tour was cut short before it reached international fame when Mic’s blaring rendition of Sabotage kept his wife from going to sleep upstairs.