November 2, 2006

Behind the Blarg

For those of you looking for profound exposition on the nature of life or witty political commentary, this isn’t the blog you’re looking for. Dankelblarg is primarily a place for me to vent and talk about my gaming-related hobbies. I might occasionally throw something out that’s non-gaming related, but be prepared to see more gaming or painting related articles than anything else.

While I don’t quite qualify for gamer grognard status, I have been gaming since around 1991.  Since them I’ve continuously evolved as a role-player and while I’m relatively satisfied with my style as a player, I’m constantly striving to improve as a Gamemaster.  I feel I have the knowledge to succeed at Gamemastering the type of game I want to run, but putting my ideas into practice never seems to go as well as I would have liked.  Hopefully if I try enough I’ll eventually get it right.

I picked up miniature painting in around 2001 when a few friends and I tried out Mordheim for a spell back in college.  Unfortunately class work took up too much time to play regularly and we stopped our games, but I wound up keeping with painting as a side hobby.  I pretty much painted just to paint for a few years until a friend and I decided to try Warmachine back in 2005.  Since then I’m collecting and painting Protectorate and Legion of Everblight Hordes models.

Blarg aside I’m a software analyst living and working in the shadow of the world’s largest croquette wicket, also known as the St. Louis metro area.