I’ve been on hiatus from playing Warmachine and Hordes for a quite some time now and although my painting has slowed because of that it hasn’t stopped completely.  I did fall off the website update bandwagon though, and that’s something I aim to fix.

Content-wise I’ve started uploading miniatures I’ve painted in the past few years.  I had a round of pictures that I had taken back then but never resized/uploaded so I’ve started there.  I also got a hand from my old Iron Agenda co-host Saultydog attempting to reincarnate my photography setup and we took a round of pictures last weekend.  After that I’m going to go through my army transports and see what hasn’t been photographed yet and work on that as well.  I can think of a few models off-hand that I never got to – Bastions, the Covenant of Menoth, and Gravus to name a few – but I’m sure there’s more.

I’ve also started re-writing the back-end code behind my gallery.  I started with enlarging the thumbnails to be more clear on modern displays, but in a few cases doing so just highlighted how low quality those thumbnails were to begin with.  It also increased the height of that page to something I think is unwieldy.  I plan on building some custom taxonomies and cleaning up the gallery navigation as I find time.  I’m looking at some options but want to make sure it’s as usable of possible so I need time to design the layout before I start implementation.  Hopefully there will be some filtering and/or searching options available in the finished product.

On the verbal (scriptographic?) side of things I have a few ideas I want to talk about.  I’m not a quick writer but I’ve already outlined two posts and started writing another.

Finally my biggest criticism of my gallery is the inconsistencies in photo quality.  The lighting and color balance on some of my pictures is downright cringe-worthy.  I’d very much like to go back and clean up some of the images – and probably upgrade to some larger ones as well – but that’s a time-consuming endeavor.  When (if) I get caught up posting new figures I’ll start to circle back to updating existing galleries.  I believe that qualifies as “s@@n,” right?

Miniatures are scheduled to start appearing as soon as tomorrow.  Cleanup and further content will be published as it’s completed.  Stay tuned!


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