The Crusader was the last warjack I painted from my battlebox, and I think it turned out better than the lights. After looking over the Repenter and my first Revenger, the first thing I decided was to do away with the razor highlighting. It just wasn’t coming out as expected, so I moved on to wet blending. The blending is probably the most visible on the overhead hood in the first two images and on the shoulders in the fourth. Although I could have done a bit more contrast, I was happy with how smooth it came out using the craft paints I initially started painting with.


I tried to position the arms to look as if the jack was reaching for its opponent while rearing back to swing with the mace. I originally intended to convert the left hand so that the Crusader was pointing and ‘calling his shot’ Babe Ruth style, but decided that the work involved in cutting up the hand and re-sculpting it with my meager sculpting skills wouldn’t do the idea justice, so I left it like this.

I used the same techniques and colors on everything else as on my first two light warjacks, and I think my execution was better than them. After this I’m looking forward to picking up a few more jacks to paint up, but have to get through some infantry first!

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