Feora, Protector of Flame

I did some further experimentation with the Reaper Master Series Dusky Grape color that I picked up to use on Severius and realized it was just too much of a cool tone to match my color scheme. After another trip to one of the local gaming stores I picked up Burgundy Wine to try out. Although the tone is ever so slightly off from the Delta Ceramcoat Royal Plum I used, the difference was nearly indistinguishable and the end result (especially once I mixed it with Dusky Grape for the base coat) fit with my scheme.


While painting Epic Feora I discovered how much I hate painting fire. For me, it’s similar to painting NMM – while taken as a static image, painting realistic fire or non-metallic metal is quite possible. But as soon as your perspective on the subject starts changing but the reflections remain static, the illusion is dispelled.

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