Human Death Cleric

This miniature is a converted Human Death Cleric from the old Wizards of the Coast Chainmail line. The original miniature (shown in the last image below) carried a heavy scythe which I replaced with a sword and shield. The shield was graciously donated by a Human Shadow Priest from the same line and army as the Death Cleric and the sword was from an old Ral Partha Half-Elf Ranger (also pictured in the last image) I’ve had sitting around for way too long. I had other options to choose from, but most were far too large for this miniature.


The bone armor is pretty obvious on this one. The skirt was done in a greyish color to be reminiscent of a burial shroud. I contemplated just doing black hair, decided to go with this bright red instead. I like the unexpectedness of it.

The paint job on this one fits squarely in the category of “looks better on the table than it does up close.” The drybrushing on the bone armor is quite evident when you look at the figure up close. Drybrushing definitely looks extremely rough up close, but I actually wanted the added texture on this miniature. When viewed from a relative distance, the added texture enhances the dried bone look.

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