Holy Zealots

As one of the most annoying unit to face in Warmachine, Zealots have a special place in my heart. These little grenade-chuckers are just so useful. I painted these guys up right after my battlebox and show a lot of experimentation with the color scheme I assigned to my army. They’re painted to a nice tabletop standard — I would have driven myself nuts trying to perfect each and every one of them.

The zealots’ armored jackets are a little darker and dingier than the “whitish” color on most of my troops, but that’s intentional. Zealots are simple commoners who are given explosives and told to go “fight (and likely die) for the cause.” On the other hand, units such as knights exmplar and temple flamegaurd are well trained and well equiped troops. It provides a nice visual distinction between the two castes on the gaming table.

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