Gray Elf Wizard

The Gray Elf War Wizard was a miniature from the Ravilla faction of the Wizards of the Coast’s now-defunct Chainmail miniature game. Like many of the Chainmail figs, the Gray Elf War Wizard was very two-dimensional and lacked any real depth but were reasonably priced… especially once the line was cancelled and the blisters were introduced to the FLGS’s discount bins.




I started painting this miniature a few times and stopped as I lost my inspiration. Eventually a player in one of my old Earthdawn games saw it and requested it for their character. The figure was dunked in solvent and started it one last time.

Seems the camera I was using was still washing out reds, so the highlighting on the edging didn’t show up very well. The robe looks good at tabletop distance, but I’m not happy with all the highlighting. I liked the way the strawberry blonde hair turned out, and the boots looked pretty good for my skill at the time. I also finally got a stone under a miniature’s foot to look like a stone underneath a foot.

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