Wood Elf Ranger

Back when Wizards of the Coast was releasing Chainmail, the metal unpainted non-collectable precursor to D&D Miniatures, their price point was low enough that I picked up a few figures to use in RPGs and the like. Back then I had just started painting and I was using the Wood Elves (this one and the Scout) to work on my basic techniques. At the time I was really happy with how the Ranger here turned out; particularly my first successful layering on the inside of the cloak and the highlighting on the back of the cloak.




The rest of the miniature is rather unremarkable and par for my skill at the time, though the axe blade was particularly disappointing. I had tried highlighting it with drybrushing but it didn’t turn out well. It wasn’t until later when I stoped using craft paints that that part of my skill-set began to improve.

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