Troglodyte Warrior

The Troglodyte Warrior came in the Chainmail Kilsek faction box, which I picked up in a discount bin back when I thought the box’s contents would make good antagonists in an RPG I was running at the time. I finally got to this guy a few years later when I was trying to find figures for some of the nonstandard races in the Earthdawn RPG. I figured the Trog here would make a good t’skrang (a race of lizard people) but I didn’t like the two-handed mace he was wielding so I replaced it with a sword from the Mordheim Mercenaries boxed set I had laying around.


T’skrang have a pretty wide range of skin tones so I decided to do something different for this guy. I tossed around some reds and blues but finally settled on something far less standard – a muted mauve color. I think the color turned out fairly well even if there wasn’t much exposed skin on the figure.

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