Thagrosh, the Messiah

I painted Epic Thagrosh up just before DieCon 9 to use as the centerpiece of my Hardcore army, and as of now he’s still my favorite model in the Warmachine and Hordes lines. It doesn’t have the full metal fantasy look of the Warmachine side of things but he’s just an impressive model.


Epic Thagrosh is mostly painted in the same techniques as my Warmongers – there weren’t a lot of aspects of the model that weren’t done using a recipe I already established for my Legion. The first is Rapture, his weapon. I had to come up with a way to do the organic portion of the weapon between the blades. I think it’s a little bright at this point but it does stand out nicely on the model.

Not really a whole lot else to say – Epic Thagrosh is a fantastic sculpt and was a joy to paint. I just wish he was a little easier to store…

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