Valdarynn, Arch Mage

I painted Valdarynn up for an arcanist character in the rotating-GM role-playing campaign that I was in in late ’09.  I went with a bright fantasy-esque fiery theme for this figure to match his flavor of magic and his temper. I had initially painted his inner robe yellow but it looked too much like a rain slicker. I repainted it in the gray you see here to try and evoke a little smoke to the robe’s fiery color.

Valdarynn was one of the first miniatures where I finally started getting better with blond hair. For this figure I used Reaper Master Series Yellowed Bone (similar to GW Bleached Bone) as a base coat and washed with a thinned down mix of a yellow paint and GW Brown Ink, adding a little more ink in for successive washes to do the deeper shadows.

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