Elquin The Daring

Elquin was chosen to represent an elven Earthdawn character, and with that character came a few color-related challenges. Elves of that world typically follow a philosophy called the Wheel of Life, where each of the five stages is represented by a different outlook on life and different color schemes of dress. Talon followed the path of the scholar, the colors of which are red and yellow.

Talon’s player said he’d rather not have a red robe, so that meant it had to be yellow, a difficult color to paint. So I started with a base coat of Golden Brown, and slowly built up layers through Yellow and eventually added a few highlights of almost pure White. While the end result turned out ok, it did bear a striking resemblance to a rain slicker.

Regardless, it turned out to the player’s liking, and I started picking other colors to fit the scheme, including two colors of red for the tunic and the robe lining. The hair colors were also requested by the player – purple with a few streaks of green. Neither angle here really captures the green streaks well, but they’re visible.

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