Lurg, Half-Orc Assassin

The Earthdawn RPG has races and classes that are somewhat non-standard by traditional means. One of the characters in the game I ran, Tridae, was a Beastmaster. In Earthdawn Beastmasters typically learn to shape their hands into claws. Since we really only use miniatures in battle scenes, finding something that looked as close as possible was our goal. Luckily Reaper put out Lurg here, and since Tridae was an ork to begin with, it was the best match we could come up with. The claw weapon and the dirty looking dreadlocks really helped set the tone.

Lurg was actually painted pretty typically – there wasn’t anything special about him. Originally his ribbed underclothing was green, but the finished product reminded me of Peppermint Patty way too much, so that had to change. The player’s second choice was red, so I went with that. The camera washed out some of the red’s shading, but you can still see some of it.

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