Inquisitor of Malvernis

The Inquisitor of Malvernis was originally purchased to be my healer character in a RPG campaign almost a decade ago. Given the rather malicious appearance of the miniature, I had to do some work to make it appear softer and less malevolent. The biggest issue was the face – this miniature actually has a smooth, plain face mask over its face. Assumedly the inquisitor hides his identify from the public. Since this wasn’t the effect I wanted, I painted the bottom half of the mask as if a cowl covered the priest’s face, and painted the top half as his head. A better sculptor than I could have carved away the face and replaced it, but I didn’t think I would be able to do that successfully and this seemed a viable alternative.

The white robes were done with Vallejo White with a very slightly blue shading. Since the other colors I used on his clothing were cool colors (purple and blue), I chose to shade in blue instead of light tan to keep the motif. The purple was done with Ceramcoat Purple and adding a little white for highlights. I need to go back and add another layer of highlights at the highest points sometime – I don’t think they’re stark enough.

The shield on the back of the miniature is from a Games Workshop Mordheim Mercenary sprue. I cut off the spike in the middle and smoothed it over so it looked a little less intimidating.

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