Amiryth Elmlighter

I had wanted to try to paint a female elven archer up as a Night Elf from Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III for a while. It took some searching to find one that I felt I could work with-one with enough exposed skin to practice a non-standard flesh tone. When I saw the green for this miniature on Reaper’s web site, I found what I was looking for. I painted her flesh tones first as I usually do – starting with a dark purple and slowly building up layers of highlighting. Once I was done, I was happy with the result, but unsure of exactly where to proceed from there.

I wound up taking inspiration for the cloak from Liliana Troy’s version of this miniature. The brown trim on the cloak was painted to give the impression that there was a leather cuff at the hem. In reality the only raised areas are the silver filigree. Though my version isn’t of the same quality, it’s convincing enough in person. The rest of the miniature was painted in the same manner as the flesh – building up highlights from the shadow colors.

Amiryth’s bow was painted to resemble my interpretation of a moon-bow. The bright silver highlights can be seen, but what the images don’t show is the bow’s glossy appearance. I coated it in a few layers of Future Floor Wax after the final Dullcoating so that it would shimmer in person. Unfortunately the effect is lost in the digital image.

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