Dark Elf Warriors

Years after I stopped playing Mordheim, I assembled and painted a majority of the figures from an old Games Workshop Dark Elf Warrior boxed set that I had originally picked up to use for that game. Although the models are a bit spiky I decided to do a handful of them to have around for use as generic soldiers in fantasy RPGs should the need arise. I painted them up in the same scheme as the rest of my Dark Elves just in case I ever got around to playing again.

The boxed set came with enough parts to make 16 warriors equipped with spears and shields or repeating crossbows. There were also a few swords for the officer and what have you. I decided to do 12 warriors split evenly between swords, shields, and crossbows. Since I had already “borrowed” a few of the swords I wound up a few short and had to improvise. Luckily the blades atop the dark elf spears were suitably sword-like and after removing the spear shafts I had a few extra passable (if vicious looking) swords.

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