Dark Elf Corsair Conversion

My converted Dark Elf Corsair was my second attempt at NMM, which I quickly learned photographs better than it looks in person in my mind. He was painted up to serve as my warband leader, and served quite well in the role.  The ninja elf earned himself a reputation on the table.  Maybe my painted figures performed better back then after all.

Originally this figure had the axe in his right hand, which I removed and replaced with a sword. The sword itself was built using the hand and hilt of a plastic Dark Elf Warrior sprue combined with a spear tip from the same sprue. His left hand and the decapitated head it held was removed and a closed fist was put in its place. The arm looked ’empty’ so I chopped the blade off the axe I tool from his right hand and glued it to his bracer to look like a punch dagger/wrist carver.

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