WIP – Mercenaries for Privateer Press Weekend

Experimenting with a quick wash

Wash Experiment

As I mentioned before, the local Warmachine community held Privateer Press Weekend at DieCon 8 last year here in St. Louis.  This year we’re going to be doing it again.  And like last year I’ve been tapped to paint some miniatures to be given away as door prizes to attendees.  Last year I painted up a Broadsides Bart but this year I signed up to do a trio of Mercenaries – Dougal McNaile, Thor Steinhammer, and Orin Midwinter.  Given how much of my own stuff I’d like to have done by the convention it may be a tall order but I’m going to give it a shot.

So far the work I’ve done on Dougal and Orin has been mostly preliminary stuff.  I basecoated their skin with P3 Midlund Flesh  and washed them with a diluted mix of GW Brown Ink, P3 Flesh Wash, and some glaze medium.  From there I’ll start highlighting the skin back up, but before I do that I’m going to get Thor caught up so I can do all three at once.  Dougal also got his pants based in Reaper Master Series Yellowed Bone, then I washed them with the same shade I used on both models’ exposed skin.  With a little cleanup I think it’s going to look pretty nice.

GW's Red Foundatin's Performance

GW Foundation Red

The red on Orin is from a pot of GW Foundation Red that I was given a ways back.  It’s a little thick but even watered down the paint has excellent coverage and really helped get him started.  I plan on washing his coat with a dark red/black to help define the shadow areas before I start doing any actual blending.  I plan on blending over the wash but it’ll help give me a reference point on where to start.

I’ve already mentioned the GW and P3 paint lines that I use, but they’re not the only paint lines I use.  My paint organizer has bottles from both Vallejo’s lines, Reaper Master Series, some artist paint additives and even some craft paints that still see use on my models.  Some painters will  swear by a single line and stick with it but I’m a big fan of picking and choosing to find the tools that best work with your style and your palette needs.

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