Bloodstone Marches Campaign Wrap-Up

On January 10th we finished up our Bloodstone Marches Theatre of War campaign. Although the other factions fought hard the Legion of Everblight managed to win their third strategic objective, allowing Thagrosh to escape to recover from absorbing Pyromalific’s athanc in safety.

Everyone seemed to have had a good time during the league and the rule changes we made seemed to go over well. A few more were proposed for the next time – things like doing away with detachments completely. I can see where detachments were initially intended to make sure participants didn’t change lists mid-round but we play all our games in one day. On top of that the campaign is meant to be very casual for us, so it seemed like a fair suggestion to just let folks bring their lists to play on campaign night. It’s less record keeping for the campaign organizer and less work for the teams to get all the lists together early, so it’s win-win for everyone.

There were also a few inconsistencies between scenarios and some of the rules that seemed a bit confusing at time – things like columns that need destroying varying in rules between scenarios. I’m not sure how much can be done there without adjusting balance. There were also some complaints (from both sides) that a few scenarios seemed unbalanced. We’ll definitely have to look at the scenarios a little more closely if we run the Bloodstone Marches again.

But all in all the campaign seemed to be a success and I look forward to giving another Theater of War a shot in the future.

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