Renegade Horizon Resumes Flight

Renegade HorizonRecently we had the unfortunate task of putting the Star Wars: The Twilight Path campaign to rest. It was just getting to be infinitely difficult to get everyone together for a game – with only the gamemaster and the three players in this campaign if one couldn’t make the session we didn’t feel we could go on without them. So after two months of failed attempts the gamemaster signed the death certificate.

However due to karma’s attempt to balance itself out, we’ve finally been able to restart Renegade Horizon. There was a drought of gaming for a while due to scheduling conflicts for a few months where we didn’t game at all, but now we’re back, this time with a few minor changes.

We changed our group up a bit to start things out. We had been trying to game every other Sunday, but one of our players had a different game on the off Sundays. That was all fine or good except when we had to miss a session. And with just three players and a gamemaster, if anyone couldn’t make it we would call the session. If the session was called, it meant two weeks minimum before gaming again because of the one player’s other group.

After a little over two months of no gaming, we decided the scheduling just wasn’t working for us. We didn’t have anything against the player with the other game, but it was making scheduling impossible so we had to part ways. So we pulled in a couple of people we had played Warmachine with in the past to bump us up to four players plus the gamemaster. At this point we have a much better chance to be able to play if someone can’t make a given session.

In addition the Gamemaster requested that we port the game over from Spirit of the Century to Savage Worlds, his system of choice. Our session last week was a first experience with the Savage Worlds system for the other veteran RH’er and myself, though we had both played Deadlands before. Personally I’m not entirely comfortable with the system yet but I very much enjoy the game and the company so I’m more than willing to play some more with it and get a better feel.

Our last session was a combination character creation/recreation and the first half of an adventure. We should be finishing it up this coming Sunday so I’ll be able to talk more about the game itself then. We’re also also in the process of updating the campaign wiki with information for the new players but we’re all still playing with our characters and trying to either define or redefine them in a new system. So nothing is set in stone just yet.

One last final note – one of the players threw together a theme song for the campaign during our hiatus. Musical ability makes me jealous.

2 thoughts on “Renegade Horizon Resumes Flight

  • I have a bad feeling about the system but I’m sure I’ll pick up the ten dollar version of the rules. After using SotC (even for only a few sessions) I have trouble seeing Savage Worlds as anything but “heavy”.

    And whoever wrote that theme song is totally cool.

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