Doc Killingsworth

Doc is a fun character in the Iron Kindgoms/Warmachine world.  Serving as both ship’s cook and surgeon, his stew was suspect and his presence made sailors fight beyond normally crippling injuries since they rather face an opponent injured than be subjected to “surgery.” I painted up two versions of this miniature at once, the second Read more about Doc Killingsworth[…]

High Exemplar Gravus

High Exmplar Gravus has some pretty nice concept art but I always felt the mounted sculpt was a little… stumbly?  Despite that I do like the sculpts.  There’s a good amount of detail on the armor – slightly more than the standard exemplar model – but not too much so. This and the Vengers‘ are Read more about High Exemplar Gravus[…]

Nephilim Protector

I really like the aesthetics of the Legion Nephilim warbeasts and the Protector is no exception.  The large expanses of armor were a bit daunting at first but I wound up giving them a similar treatment as my Warmongers, but instead of the flat black inner armor I went with a very dark metallic.  I Read more about Nephilim Protector[…]

Vassal of Menoth

The Vassal of Menoth isn’t one of the more exciting sculpts Privateer Press has released.  Then again, they’re infinitely useful on the tabletop so maybe there’s some sort of inverse correlation there. There’s just enough detail on the Vassal to give a painter options to integrate it into their army’s color scheme.  I opted for a pretty Read more about Vassal of Menoth[…]

Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist

The Snakestrike Duelist is an older D&D Chainmail figure I painted as a side project back in 2009 ago.  The sculpt itself is typical for the Chainmail line, relatively flat and almost 2D-ish compared with more intricately sculpted miniatures.  Done mostly speed-painting, the skin isn’t as smooth as I’d like but is a solid tabletop Read more about Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist[…]

Blighted Nyss Legionnaires

The Blighted Nyss Legionnaires are poster-children for how I grew unhappy with my Legion color scheme.  Technically speaking I was pleased with how my Legionnaires turned out.  But on the tabletop they just blended together in to a black and blue mass.  The color scheme – originally picked out to be cold and hard and Read more about Blighted Nyss Legionnaires[…]

Troll Brawler

Finding miniatures for trolls and obsidimen in my Earthdawn game is difficult at times.  I have a few in my gallery that I’ve collected but can always use more.  I recently turned to the collection of Mage Knight figures that I’ve inherited over the years and found a few sculpts to use to supplement my Read more about Troll Brawler[…]

Keeping A Painting Journal

Between a sluggish painting speed and the occasional hiatus I’ve occasionally found myself at a loss when trying to remember how I painted older models.  I can usually remember the technique I used but don’t always recall specifics like paint mixing ratios.  Late last year I finally decided it might be a good time to Read more about Keeping A Painting Journal[…]

Exemplar Errant

As much as painting ceremonial Exemplar armor can be tedious at times I really like way Exemplar look on the tabletop. What stood out to me while I was photographing this models was how much better the officer and standard bearer’s gold trim looked than the rest of the unit.  In the couple years before Read more about Exemplar Errant[…]